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Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch 2014 - A Smashing Sucess!
The Trinity Pumpkin Patch is one of our largest fundraising efforts. Each year we sell tens of thousands of pumpkins and raise thousands of dollars for missions. This year was no different.

All Pumpkin Patch profits go to charity projects dear to the hearts of our Trinity family. Over the past years, we've raised funds for Senegalese feeding and health education centers, a school and trauma counseling center in Liberia, urban community development, drug rehab, job training, the Wilmette food pantry, and Family Matters Rogers Park educational programs and tutoring, among others. This massive outpouring of time and energy at the Pumpkin Patch reflects the deep commitment of the Trinity family to local, regional and global missions.

Thank you to every one who contributed to its success. It truly was an "All Trinity Project." .