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Pumpkin Patch

Thank you for a wonderful effort this 2013 season!

The Trinity Pumpkin Patch is one of our largest fundraising efforts on behalf of missions. Each year our members sell tens of thousands of pumpkins--and all the profits go to charity projects dear to the hearts of our Trinity family. We begin October with a giant Pumpkin Truck Unloadathon where families and friends and local Boy Scout Troop #3 fill our church yard with over 40,000 pounds of pumpkins--all the while enjoying food, fun, and fellowship. We sell throughout the month, getting another truckload halfway through, and usually raise between $8,000 to $10,000 of behalf of charities. 

Over the past years, we've raised funds for
Senegalese feeding and health education centers, a school and trauma counseling center in Liberia, urban community development, drug rehab, job training, the Wilmette food pantry, and Family Matters Rogers Park educational programs and tutoring--among many others. This massive outpouring of time and energy at the Pumpkin Patch reflects the deep commitment of the Trinity family to local, regional and global missions.