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Senegal Mission

See our latest efforts in this video"What if... a Mission to Senegal"    

The Senegal Mission started in 1995, when then president Leopold Senghor asked the United Methodist Church to establish a mission in Senegal and start some of the many social justice programs for which the UMC is world-famous. Senegal is primarily Muslim and although the Catholic Church has been there for centuries and is known for its schools and orphanages, more non-governmental programs were essential. A UMC was established in Dakar and grew to 11 churches throughout the country with numerous programs such as Children’s Feeding Centers, an Agriculture program including rooftop gardens for microenterprise groups, Women’s Skills Training Centers, a Prison Ministry and a Wellness Program.

Trinity became involved in 2000, when the missionaries itinerated in Northern Illinois for the summer and made Trinity their home base. Since that time, Trinity has been actively involved in the ministry and programs of the
Eglise Methodiste Unie au Senegal, having sent funds, a container of supplies, five mission teams and having supported the Children’s Feeding Center through the Pumpkin Patch

Currently Trinity is involved in a Growing Community Health Program, supporting the training of young adult villagers to become a health resource in their community by promoting sanitation, clean water, proper nutrition and disease prevention and control. Contact
Dr. Carol Meynen for more information. You can donate to the Senegal Mission through the Advance #12594A.

Senegal Community Health Workers' Achievement: “Working Together For Christ”
A lot of work has been done within the rural communities of Senegal through consultations, prevention and education about HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, Diabetis, communicable and water borne diseases. The results have been encouraging but the impact of the CHWs is extraordinary.  Click to read the full article